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Highlighting the role of diversity in driving weed dynamics and weed-crop interactions 1-gen-2017 Adeux, Guillaume; Cordeau, S.; Munier-Jolain, N.; Bàrberi, P.
Diversified grain-based cropping systems provide long term weed control while limiting herbicide use and yield losses 1-gen-2019 Adeux, G.; Munier-Jolain, N.; Meunier, D.; Farcy, P.; Carlesi, S.; Bàrberi, P.; Cordeau, S.
Mitigating crop yield losses through weed diversity 1-gen-2019 Adeux, G.; Vieren, E.; Carlesi, S.; Barberi, P.; Munier-Jolain, N.; Cordeau, S.
Cover crops promote crop productivity but do not enhance weed management in tillage-based cropping systems 1-gen-2021 Adeux, G.; Cordeau, S.; Antichi, D.; Carlesi, S.; Mazzoncini, M.; Munier-Jolain, N.; Barberi, P.
Long-term cover cropping in tillage-based systems filters weed community phenology: A seedbank analysis 1-gen-2023 Adeux, G.; Rodriguez, A.; Penato, C.; Antichi, D.; Carlesi, S.; Sbrana, M.; Barberi, P.; Cordeau, S.
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