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Kelsen and Constitutionalism In corso di stampa Carrozza, Paolo
Air cooling and magnetic separation in BOF slags: an evaluation for pellets production In corso di stampa Colucci, Vitantonio; Branca, TERESA ANNUNZIATA; Colla, Valentina; Romaniello, L.
Simulation of Electric Steelworks: a Way to Predict Environmental Impact In corso di stampa Matino, Ismael; Colla, Valentina; Colucci, Vitantonio; Lamia, Pietro; Baragiola, S.; Di Cecca, C.
In-line Characterisation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in the Manufacturing of Steel Strip for the Purpose of Product Uniformity Control In corso di stampa Van Den Berg, F.; Kok, P.; Yang, H.; Aarnts, M.; Vink, J. J.; Beugeling, W.; Meilland, P.; Kebe, T.; Stolzemberg, M.; Krix, D.; Peyton, A.; Zhu, W.; Martinez De Guerenu, A.; Gutierrez, I.; Jorge Badiola, D.; Gurruchaga, K.; Lundin, P.; Volker, A.; Mota, M.; Monster, J.; Wirdelius, H.; Mocci, Claudio; Nastasi, Gianluca; Colla, Valentina; Davis, C.; Zhou, L.; Schmidt, R.; Labbé, S.; Reboud, C.; Skarlatos, A.; Svaton, T.; Leconte, V.; Lombard, P.
Comparison between Thermodynamic Model and Neural Network Model Approach In corso di stampa Dettori, Stefano; Colla, Valentina; Salerno, G.; Signorini, A.
Comparison between traditional and fuzzy logic-based approaches to the tuning of PID controller for steam turbines for solar applications In corso di stampa Dettori, Stefano; Iannino, Vincenzo; Colla, Valentina; Signorini, A.
Chill marks effect detection algorithm for plant IMPOC data In corso di stampa Nastasi, Gianluca; Mocci, Claudio; Colla, Valentina; Van Den Berg, F.; Mulder, R.; Beugeling, I. W.; Kebe, T.
The European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda: a vision for the sustainable steel production 2030s In corso di stampa Peters, K.; Malfa, E.; Colla, Valentina; Brimacombe, L.
Water Process Integration: Assessment of an Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis-Based Treatment to Regenerate Coke-Making Area Wastewater In corso di stampa Matino, Ismael; Fornai, Barbara; Colla, Valentina; Romaniello, Lea; Rosito, Felice
A Simulation Assessment of Modifications of the Water Network of an Electric Arc Furnace Steelworks to Allow Wastewater Reuse In corso di stampa Matino, Ismael; Colla, Valentina; Baragiola, Stefano
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