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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1Water Process Integration: Assessment of an Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis-Based Treatment to Regenerate Coke-Making Area WastewaterBeing printedMatino, Ismael; Fornai, Barbara; Colla, Valentina; Romaniello, Lea; Rosito, Felice
2Kelsen and ConstitutionalismBeing printedPaolo Carrozza
3Air cooling and magnetic separation in BOF slags: an evaluation for pellets productionBeing printedColucci, V.; Branca, T.A.; Colla, V.; Romaniello, L.
4Modelling of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag Treatment and Processing in Order to Evaluate Possibility of Their ReuseBeing printedMatino, Ismael; Branca, Teresa Annunziata; Colucci, Vitantonio; Colla, Valentina; Romaniello, Lea
5An agent based approach for steel industries for exploitation of opportunities and challenges provided by energy marketsBeing printedMarchiori, Francesca; Colla, Valentina; Neuer, Marcus; Piedimonte, Luca; Cateni, Silvia; Ebel, Alexander; Benini, Michele
6A Simulation Assessment of Modifications of the Water Network of an Electric Arc Furnace Steelworks to Allow Wastewater ReuseBeing printedMatino, Ismael; Colla, Valentina; Baragiola, Stefano
7State action in relation to family farming: fighting hunger and extreme poverty ?Being printedPereira, MAYARA LUIZA
8Chill marks effect detection algorithm for plant IMPOC dataBeing printedNastasi, G.; Mocci, C.; Colla, V.; Van Den Berg, F.; Mulder, R.; Beugeling, I.W.; Kebe, T.
9The European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda: a vision for the sustainable steel production 2030sBeing printedPeters, K.; Malfa, E.; Colla, V.; Brimacombe, L.
10Comparison between Thermodynamic Model and Neural Network Model ApproachBeing printedDettori, S.; Colla, V.; Salerno, G.; Signorini, A.